Montanas de Agua

Day three of my second winter abroad, and I find myself back in my Costa Rica home of Dominical. Noe and I have upgraded from sharing a twin bed in a 12 person dorm (our digs last winter) to a cute little cabina just behind our old hostel, Piramys (recently renamed and now called Cool Vibes Hostel). This place is called Montanas de Agua, and is just a few steps from our favorite $5 breakfast buffet at Domilocos Hotel and Restaurant. We found it helpful last night, as we had to go out in a torrential downpour (during dry season) to get dinner, and Domilocos ended up having an even better dinner than their breakfast.

It was strange to see the rain in Dominical, as I didn’t see it rain here once in the two months I was here before. It was a soothing sound to fall asleep to, and when we woke up to consequently cooler temperatures than usual this morning, and a sunny blue sky, we were happy. We took an early walk on the beach to start the day, and then visited our friends Sri and Celine, the owners of Cool Vibes Hostel, They didn’t know we were coming and so were pleasantly surprised to see us here. As I predicted, Celine immediately commented on Noe and I returning here together, and seemed quite pleased that our romance has continued.

As comfortable as it is to be here, I am having a bit of anxiety that Ii haven’t quite worked out yet. Definitely adjusting to not being home anymore, as I was so content in my home in Northampton. I had a lovely Going Away (for a little while) party that was so sweet and filled with people I love that I was left feeling my departure was somewhat bittersweet. And also, full of joy to the life I have to return to which, as I mentioned in my pre-trip blog last year, feels so important for me in taking a trip; that I’m not escaping anything and am happy with my life at home. This feels even more true now than it did then. Also, having been in a long-distance relationship for the past 9 months, there’s a certain amount of anxiety I expected to feel, along with the joy of being able to be with my partner every day instead of once a month. It helps that I expected this going into this journey, as I am historically a bit stressed about being in a relationship because I have spent so much time and gotten used to only having to think about myself when it comes to what I do with my time, among other things. I suppose this is an inevitable aspect of partnership, that one must get used to thinking about another person’s wants and needs as well, and something that is undoubtedly good for me to practice 🙂

I am excited as well to dedicate a portion of my time to beginning the program “The Artist’s Way”, a 12 week program that seeks to unblock creativity. It feels like the perfect time to create as though it’s my job, and to spend time investigating my relationship with creativity. And on the suggestion of my always wise dear friend and housemate, Mira, I plan to devote a section of my blog to following this journey.

So all in all a rich beginning to this adventure, and one that may be indicative of things to come – that this will be a process of unfolding, investigation, creativity, self-care, love, doubt and certainty, difficulty and reward, and, as always, learning and growth. I guess that’s what I came here for, and while I don’t know what I’ll find, I trust it that this explloration will unveil more layers of life. That’s about all I can ever ask for.

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