The adventure begins!

Well, after almost ten years of dreaming about taking a long trip to Costa Rica, I’m finally doing it. Sitting on the plane now somewhere over the ocean between the east coast of the States and Costa Rican paradise, I know that I’m embarking on a journey that will leave me a different person. It’s hard to know where to even begin this story; It feels as if a seed for this path was planted ten years ago, and in the past 3 or 4 years life has started to move exponentially faster, propelling me forward into each defining moment of my life, of which this moment as I sit here writing is definitely one. I can pinpoint several of these over the past few years where I’ve felt with unshakeable certainty that the choices I’ve made to this point have landed me exactly where I am supposed to be. While I would love to describe the events in the past few years that have lead me to now, it seems more fitting to start right now, right where I am. And where I am right now is feeling a bit nervous (though less than I’ve felt in the months leading up to my departure), very excited, and strangely calm.

After a whirlwind week filled with last minute trip preparation (not as much as I thought I would be doing), and quality time with friends and family (pleasantly more than I anticipated), I am about to roll solo into a foreign country in search of fun, adventure, spiritual growth, new cultures and connections, Spanish fluency, as-yet-undiscovered parts of myself, and hopefully an ability to see a little bit more clearly down the road that lies before me. Right now I’m feeling a wonderful combination of the excitement of diving into the unknown, and the comfort of knowing that the life I’m taking a 3 month hiatus from is one that I love and will happily return to when this adventure is finished. I have to say this is first time that my travel hasn’t felt even a little like running away from anything. I’m running toward something new, and fully content to go back to my life in Western MA at the end of it.

Quick shout out to all the amazing folks who I’ve been blessed to meet in the past 28 years, who are the reason I anticipate being just as happy to return home as I am to arrive in Costa Rica in less than 2 hours!!!! Starting at the beginning with my family, the blood ones, who have given me so much love since my emergence from the womb (thanks Mom for putting in THAT work 😉 and who hold the deepest place in my heart. Then there is my other family, the one that I have chosen, that is made up of an overwhelming amount of incredible folks who I can’t believe I have been lucky enough to know and love; O town friends, UMass peeps, Barcelona amigos, social work gangstas from NCYF and BBBS, Dharmanauts and the network of amazing people from the valley and all over the world that are my sangha, Hinge family, royal members of The Palace, and every other person that cannot be categorized but knows I love them, and especially to those who have been in my life for many, many years and permeated all of these areas of my life. This blog is for all of you, to read or ignore as you wish, but to know that I am out here carrying all of you and your love with me, and sending so much back in return (love, not actual gifts for most of you, as I am a small woman carrying 55 pounds around and have very little space in my backpacks for trinkets 🙂

So I’m finishing this post a couple days after my arrival, from a little bakery down the street from Rocking J’s, my hostel in Puerto Viejo. I have arrived safely, though not without a few snags already, though I’ll go into that in more detail later. Nothing too major though, and I am safe and happy. I’m excited to write a bit about my first couple days, but it’s one in the afternoon, I can see the ocean, and I’m feeling less than motivated to sit here writing. It’s a bit weird though, to not have anything to do – I’m feeling a bit uncertain as to where to even begin. There’s a lot of adventure-y stuff to do around here, as well as just relaxing on the beach. Seeing as how I fell asleep somewhere around 5 a.m. and woke up at 9, I think today might be dedicated to beach naps, walking around town, and maybe an afternoon yoga class. Until next post, pura vida!


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