Ain’t no Asana in Vipassana

IMG_3311So here is my video blog reflecting on my 10 Day Vipassana Meditation. It’s actually the third one I made, as the first two got cut off because my camera memory was full. I think the first two were better but, alas, they are incomplete, so I post this third one even though I feel like I left a lot out. I suppose that’s unavoidable though, as logging 100 + hours of meditation in a 10 day period yielded more a-ha moments than I can squeeze into a video short enough that you don’t fall asleep during it.

The title of this post relates to a song I wrote about Vipassana (pending music video completion, I will post that as well), the title of which is “Ain’t No Asana in Vipassana”, aptly named as we weren’t allowed to do shit, including much of yoga. I was craving some sun salutations and other forms of grand physical movement, but was mostly confined to sitting on my ass and walking pretty slowly. I longed for cartwheels and dancing, and let me tell you, when I finally got to dance a few days after the course, I went NUTS. But yes, no asana in this place, aside from simple stretches.

That aside, this was one of the more worthwhile experiences of my life. I am still feeling the positive effects of so much meditation practice, and have done a decent job so far keeping up with daily sitting, though a wooden chair in the middle of the hostel isn’t the ideal situation, for sure. But even if my practice isn’t as consistent right now as they recommend, the experience I had has left me forever imprinted with the positive effects of a serious practice, and a deep knowledge of the quality of mind and life that is possible that kind of practice. While I think every so often that I would like to be better about finding more time right now, I also feel calm in knowing that I’ve gotten too much out of it to ever fully let it go, and I’m trusting that I will continue to have the determination to practice, even if my current level of motivation is low.

So without further adieu, I unleash my video about Vipassana, and hopefully it’s informative and entertaining.


One response to “Ain’t no Asana in Vipassana

  1. You might enjoy an article I just wrote about my own continuing post Dharma House struggle to establish a practice routine. It contains some good news you may enjoy:

    Funny, “asana” means seat, but over the centuries has become more associated with the physically rigorous aspects of practice. I actually believe in a different story (not based on historic or archeological evidence but my own values). Shakyamuni Buddha was an advanced yogi and as such must have been well-versed in the more physically intensive practices we now associate with yoga. I bet this was a part of the 1st Buddhist sangha. How else could they sit in full lotus!?

    I think that successors of the Buddha like Boddhidharma and Dogen created a scandal when they overemphasized the sitting and through out the type of physical routine the body needs in order to sit comfortably. But that’s just my opinion.

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