As I was writing in my journal this morning, a line appeared on the paper that struck me: “just because I don’t know where it’s going to end, that’s no reason not to begin.” Well, I thought, that’s something to contemplate.

When it comes to work, especially creative work, research, writing, homework, I tend to be a procrastinator. There are certain opportunities that arise and I jump on them and dive right in. For some reason, writing and art projects are not things that I easily dive into. I often have ideas and let them sit and sit until they eventually fade away, probably to be carried out by someone else. I believe this is how creativity works; as a process of receiving information and having the willingness, energy, confidence, and faith to let ourselves be conduits. We all have the ability to receive. We are all creations and creators, and we each have natural gifts; means of creating that allow us to express the divine messages we receive from the universe – whether it’s writing, painting, jewelrymaking, gardening, dancing, whatever. It’s generally our tendency to think and strive that blocks natural creative energy from moving through us. It’s a worthy practice to try and quiet our mind and create spaciousness to listen. I recently read that whenever we are trying to think of something to make, we are missing it. We never have to think something up, we just need to listen. But in order to do that we have to cultivate an ability to be silent and present with what arises naturally. I keep hearing this message and I feel its truth, and I also continue to THINK so much. Trying to figure things out is a really old habit, and a hard one to break. And in some sense, it’s an ego game. I want to be the one who is smart and creative and original enough to think something up or figure out a person or a problem or a situation. And I really get sucked into this cyclical guessing game. It never leads anywhere except frustration. The answers are always waiting there for me to see when I finally reach the point of letting go of my ego and my mind, and choose to listen and be patient. Being in tune with the source of information yields faster and easier answers than using our brain, at least when it comes to creativity and intuition. Questions of relationships, needs, feelings, art, philosophy, spirituality do not require us to use our brains in the way that we often want to.


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