Envision a Sacred Dance Revolution


And I learn how to dance with the Earth.

Slowly and intentionally, I explore sacred movement. I alternately sink each bare foot into the mud and flick my arms alongside my legs, visualizing that all negative energy is being thrown from my body and trampled into the ground. Each movement frees my spirit from the confines of fear, anxiety and doubt. I don’t need to carry my load anymore; I feel certain that the Earth can hold it for me. I trust that if I release every thought, feeling, and story that isn’t serving me, that this massive living organism we inhabit will absorb and transmute it into something positive. I let go of the desperation of trying and in doing so, lightness replaces burden. Every exhale yields my true nature.

With my vision no longer clouded with delusion, I look around and begin to really see. I have existed in this place before.

Hundreds of kilometers from the festival grounds lies a cerulean crater lake nestled in one of the many volcanoes gracing this land. A few kilometers away a river snakes through a mountain jungle, culminating in a waterfall and offering refuge from the raging rainforest heat. Less than a kilometer away a dream hugs a sandy coastline; a vast expanse of sea giving life to dolphins, whales, sharks, stingrays, tropical fish, surfers, swimmers, fisherman, and rain. Costa Rica embodies abundance and I am overwhelmed daily with gratitude for being called here. On this day I thank the heavens for unleashing on us. We scream with the Howler monkeys in primal delight, celebrating a successful rain dance. The water drips from the green; a blessing in dry season. This winter on the Pacific coast has been particularly arid, the harvest scarce. A storm of this length and intensity is a rarity in February. We and the land need water and dancing. Maybe Hafiz was there with us that day to help us remember: “There is no spot on Earth that ever became sacred until something danced there.”

The members of this tribe come from every corner of the world, and gather together here in response to a calling. Having removed my veil of separation, I see clearly that we are vibration, unique and cohesive. The music moves us and we move each other. We are dancing the land sacred, as we have so many times. This symbiosis thrives on love, and we receive back from the earth the fruits of our dance.

Every spot on Earth speaks, and when it speaks to us we must go there and listen. And we must dance. When we respond to the call, we are gifted with a new piece of the truth. And when we dance sacredness into the spot that beckoned to us, we are offering our truth in return.

Let us offer stomping feet, clapping hands, swinging arms, heartfelt song. Let us release all that doesn’t serve us and relinquish control over our Mother. Let us cultivate her soil with our footsteps, let us wrap our hands around her heart and resuscitate her. Let her hold us. Let us feed her. Let our sweat be infused with gratitude and pour from our bodies to water the land. Let us feel the pulse of our Home and dance to its beat with wild faith in our collective heart.


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