This blog is a place for me to put things that I want to share. I am trying to unfurl my insides and unleash some creativity into the world. It’s an ongoing exploration, filled with tiny successes and a lot of fear, and it must be done.

So far this has been almost strictly a travel blog. While I intend for it to continue to be so, I also want to expand the range of writing and other art forms to include anything that strikes my fancy.

In addition to a space to record the results of whatever mini bursts of creative energy happen to hit me, I will continue to do my best to make this page a useful resource for fellow travelers and pursuers of dreams. As I trudge through illusion and find my way into a life of authenticity, I want to offer my perspective on the journey.

I am increasingly aware of my desire to live a creative, love-filled, fearless life. I have a nagging feeling this kind of life involves giving more of myself to the world. A friend once gave me a card that said “For a long time she flew only when she thought no one was watching”. I’m tired of flying alone.

After a long period of relative aversion to a lot of computer technology, I am finally now realizing the futility of my resistance. I am instead choosing to embrace the modern tools at my fingertips, and use them to my advantage. I consider this online contribution a door flung open. IMG_1183


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