Dream Stories

I find myself flying once again, in circles around a harbor. I admire the boats and float peacefully above them, debating whether to stay airborne or pick a place to land. I move slowly, deliberately, drinking the sea into my soul with each breath. I’m not very high up, but somehow I have a vantage point that allows me to see thousands of miles up the coastline. my geography is a bit off, and I think I’m in some mix of the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, and the bottom of Mexico. The harbor is small, the boats close enough to see detail, yet as I become aware of my surroundings I see that across from me is Catalina, and I wonder why I can see this place from so far south. My gaze slowly lifts and I can see the contoured rock and sandscape that make up the coast of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. It doesn’t make sense that I can see the finer details of the land, and still see so far North, but I am delighted by the gift of this perspective. I am suddenly struck with a new depth of understanding of the mystery of our world; it feels like I’ve figured something out. I decide that maybe I’ll come back down to Earth now, and as soon as the thought enters my brain I start to sink back toward the ocean. I drop gently into the water and begin to swim, letting the sea swallow me as I take refuge in its vastness.


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